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The Ultimate Guide to the Top 50 Film Photography Blogs For 2024

Film photography is a fascinating and rewarding pastime that a growing number of people enjoy, even in 2023, some 20 years after the rise of digital surpassed film camera usage. However, film photography can also be difficult to get into, especially for beginners who want to learn more about it. So I've decided to curate this ultimate guide to the top 50 film photography blogs I've read in 2023 - all written by passionate and experienced film photographers who share their insights, tips, tricks, reviews, and photos - so you can line up the film photography blogs you want to read in 2024!

Whether you are new to film photography or a seasoned pro, you will find something useful and inspiring in these blogs. I want to focus here on content that truly matters and adds something to the ecosystem, rather than those blogs that are tied to commercial interests, which is why you may find some notable absences, especially among the purveyors of rebranded, repackaged film that add nothing to the film photography community apart from lining their own pockets.

With that caveat aside, here's the rundown:

The Top 10 Film Blogs in 2023:

Screenshot of the homepage of the blog Urban Decay

Andrew documents the abandoned buildings, homes, schools, and factories that show the impact of human activities on the world. He also explores the reasons and consequences of decay, such as disposal methods, homelessness, and property taxes. He uses black and white photography to capture the gritty feel of decay and experiments with different types of discontinued films, such as Kodak Plus-X and Gold 100 sharing his results and opinions. On top of that, he reviews various vintage cameras, such as Pentax Spotmatic F and Voigtländer Vito BL, explaining their features and performance.

Screenshot of the homepage of View From The End Of The World blog

The personal blog of photographer Steve Mitchell who lives in Lauder, New Zealand. He shares his photos and stories of various places, topics and events in New Zealand and abroad. Among his passions are the mountains he has visited or seen, such as Mt. Cook, the Southern Alps, and the Remarkables and his experiences of hiking, camping and flying over the mountains. He also documents the Otago Central Rail Trail, a 152 km cycling and walking trail that follows an old railway line - with a focus on the history, scenery and attractions along the trail, such as old stations, bridges and tunnels; and the annual Blossom Festival in Alexandra, a town in Central Otago, which celebrates the arrival of spring and features a parade, a carnival, and a display of blossoming fruit trees.

Alongside all of this, he posts reviews and photos of his collection of vintage film cameras, such as Pentax Spotmatic, Contax 139 Quartz, and Rolleiflex, and compares different film stocks, lenses and filters, and gives tips on how to use them.

Screenshot of the homepage of Photographer's log

The personal blog of Victor Bezrukov, native to Ukraine, who shares his experiences and thoughts on photography - especially film photography - travel, and social issues. A self-taught freelance photographer, IT specialist and information security consultant based in Israel, he started photography in 2005 and experiments with different genres and formats. He describes his style as “life photography”, which captures the beauty, drama, and emotion of everyday moments. He uses both digital and analog cameras, and prefers black and white images.

Screenshot of the homepage of GQGlasgow

Gary shares his film street photography and musings, with a particular focus on personal experiences, family, and travels in and around Glasgow.

Screenshot of the homepage of mike eckman dot com

Mike is host of the podcast Camerosity, where he and other guests discuss film cameras, photography, and the history of the industry. On his website, he writes reviews on - and repairs - vintage film cameras from different eras and countries, with long-form histories, how-tos, and repair tips for each camera model. He additionally writes articles on different film formats, camera clones, and camera maintenance.

Screenshot of the homepage of Emulsive

A true knowledge base that showcases all aspects of film photography, from different types of film stocks, cameras, and lenses, to gear that is available for enthusiasts and professionals. There's a vast library of reviews of film photography products and services, (across a variety of subjects such as film labs, scanners, books, and magazines, among others).

You'll also find features that explore the artistic, technical, and historical aspects of film photography, as well as the personal stories and experiences of film photographers from around the world. And if that wasn't enough, there are interviews with prominent and emerging film photographers, who share their insights, tips, and inspirations. Additionally,

the site offers musings on the current trends and challenges of film photography in the digital age.

Emulsive has latterly become a little quieter than usual, and is also somewhat given over to advertising now, which means this once top-of-the-list site is now a little further down the list.

Screenshot of the homepage of Alex Luyckx

Host of Classic Camera Revival, Alex discovered his love for photography in an English class, and determined early on that film was preferable to digital, since it allowed him to have more control and fun with his images. His reviews of different film emulsions, alongside testing out how different developers work with those films, are a vast and valuable source of knowledge for many film photographers looking to experiment.

Screenshot of the homepage of Process by Wesley Verhoeve

"Process" is a weekly newsletter about photography and finding your unique creative voice.

Join an international community of 8k+ photographers across 120 countries as Wesley Verhoeve, photographer and curator, unlocks the secrets of artistic growth in Process.

Delve into the inner workings of client shoots, portfolio building, photo book making, and the philosophical aspects of photography, while gaining exclusive access to unseen work and Subscribers-Only Giveaways.

Let Process take you on a journey to confidently tell the stories that matter to you.

A new issue of Process is published every Sunday at 3 pm CET.

Screenshot of the homepage of Darkrooms by Marcel Borgstijn

Photographs are created in darkrooms. Whether analogue or digital, the captured image becomes visible. But first of all a photograph is created in that other darkroom, your grey matter. You decide what will end up on that one-dimensional piece of paper (or those bits and bytes on your screen).

Because Marcel is fascinated by this process, he wants to write down his findings in this blog. He often thinks about why one takes photographs in the first place. What makes one click? What makes one want to grab your camera and capture whatever is in front of your lens? He will show you the search for answers here on his Substack.

Screenshot of the homepage of Perfectlight on Substack

Today everybody is a photographer, almost everybody has a phone with a camera but not everybody can create/produce a good photo. This blog presents thoughts on photography and a trick or two that might help taking better photos.


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The Rest of the List - Film Photography Blogs to Follow in 2023:

  1. Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris and Carol — Chris and Carol, share their passion and knowledge of vintage photography, as well as interact with other enthusiasts and answer their questions.

  2. The Other Side of the Mirror by George Appletree — George Appletree, a photographer and writer, shares his thoughts and works on his photographs of stone, his Rolleiflex camera, his mermaid fantasy, and his reflections on life and art.

  3. Steel City Snapper — photos and thoughts on various cameras and films, in 35mm and medium format, from Sheffield, UK.

  4. Film Advance — a showcase of Gary’s many film cameras and the photos he's taken with them.

  5. The Vintage Lens — Tim Jeffers is a photographer who uses vintage cameras to capture stunning images. His website showcases his work and the history of the cameras he collects.

  6. Bikes and FIlm Cameras Club — Shawn’s website is a showcase of his artistic and adventurous spirit. He shares his photos and stories of exploring the world on his three-speed bike.

  7. Histoires de Photos — Portfolio of a film photographer based in Lille, France. You can admire his beautiful photos and read his blog posts in French (or for non-Francophones, in English, with the help of Google Translate).

  8. Everything Vintage — Simon’s website is a place where he shares his passion for vintage technologies, especially film cameras. He reviews different models, explains how they work, and shows the photos he takes with them.

  9. Broken Camera . Club — A source of information and opinions on rare and unusual equipment, mostly related to photography. The author provides detailed reviews and comparisons of various gadgets and gizmos.

  10. fourohoh — A collection of film photographs taken by the author along the Hawaiian coast. You can see the beauty and diversity of the islands through his lens.

  11. Now Developing — Dylan’s website showcases his passion for film photography and the talented artists who share it. He invites you to explore his gallery of stunning images and discover the beauty of analog photography.

  12. Dusty Negatives — On his website, Jeremy shares his love for film photography and the secrets behind his craft. He offers tips and tricks on how to use different cameras, films, and gears, and narrates his personal experiences with analog photography.

  13. The Daily Lumenbox — Sonny’s website is a tribute to the charm and nostalgia of lo-fi film photography. He displays his amazing photos taken with his Lumenbox camera and other classic film cameras.

  14. My Journey Into Photography — Jim’s website is a journey through his passion for film photography and the cameras he has used. He reveals his honest opinions and impressions on various cameras, and showcases his stunning photos.

  15. Mere Film Photography — The website is a reflection of the author’s passion and expertise in film photography and digital printing. He shares his insights and thoughts on the craft, and showcases his impressive work.

  16. Joe Van Cleave’s Blog — The website is a showcase of Joe Van Cleeve’s creative experiments with film photography and typewriters. He shares his unique methods and results, and invites you to join his artistic adventure.

  17. Victoria’s Light — General tips, reviews, and experiences with photography - with a slight leaning towards film - and its challenges and rewards.

  18. Shoot Film, Ride Steel — Andrew documents his escapades with film photography, cycling, rail travel, and rural exploration. He captures the beauty and diversity of the world with his analog camera and shares his stories and tips with his readers.

  19. Going Lomo — Dan shoots film and shares his stunning photos from his travels around the world, using different techniques and styles. He experiments with various film looks and shares his creative process and inspiration.

  20. Shoot With Personality — Personal diary of a professional photographer who documents his life on film, sharing his candid moments, emotions, and insights through his captivating photos.

  21. — A glimpse into Peter’s hobbies and adventures with film photography, camera collecting, coffee supping, and travelling. He invites you to join him as he explores the world through his lens and shares his tips and reviews.

  22. Rambling Polymath — Tobias’s storytelling skills and passion, using various mediums and formats, are showcased on this site. He shares his stories with his camera, his pen, his blog, and his newspaper articles.

  23. myvintagecamerasblog — Kathleen reveals her creative and adventurous experiments, her personal vision and artistic expression, all using film photography and various cameras as her medium.

  24. Canny Cameras — Alan shares his film photography adventures on a budget, in the border regions of Britain. He posts his gear reviews and photographs, and covers topics as diverse as half-frame cameras, lo-fi cameras, nuclear war, and Photoshop AI.

  25. Street Dances — A personal notebook and photographic journal by Simon, a film photographer who captures the street life and culture in various locations. He also writes about his experiences, opinions, and tips on film photography, as well as his involvement in awards and events.

  26. 35 millimetre — Combination portfolio-blog, where Charlotte Davis shares her film photography journey and her transition to digital photography with the Fujifilm X series. She showcases her photos from Bristol and London, and tells stories of her adventures and mishaps with cameras.

  27. arhphotographic — arh showcases his film photography work and his opinions on various cameras and gears. He also shares his tips, challenges, and inspiration as a film photographer.

  28. Random Camera Blog — Mark shares his passion and expertise for film photography and vintage cameras. He posts his photos and reviews of various films and cameras, and covers topics such as low-ISO films, simple plastic cameras, and panoramic photography.

  29. Analog anecdotes — Film photography and storytelling, using Minolta cameras. Photos and stories from travels, adventures, and everyday life.

  30. The Resurrected Camera — Joe shares his experiences and tips on shooting film photography on a budget. He shows how he finds cheap cameras, films, and labs, and how he develops and scans his own film at home.

  31. Captured by Film — A blog celebrating the art and joy of film photography and old cameras. Aki Soga shares his photos, reviews, and tips on using various vintage cameras and films

  32. The Shootist — Martin Smith is an amateur photographer from England who captures the beauty and diversity of the world in black and white. His website showcases his stunning street photography, landscapes, seascapes and occasional dog portraits, all taken with his Leica camera.

  33. kevinthephotographer — A blog by Kevin, an amateur photographer from Newcastle upon Tyne who enjoys film photography and vintage cameras. Kevin covers a wide variety of film-related topics - from paper negatives to large format, medium format and 35mm photography; landscapes, architecture and still life; darkroom work; and black and white, colour and infrared photography. It also features Kevin’s photos of different locations and his experiences with different cameras and films.

  34. Film Photography Blog — A platform for film photographers to share their work, insights, and passion for analog photography, featuring camera reviews, interviews, film experiments, and creative projects.

  35. D. Buckner Photography — Analog Journey: My journey with analog photography discussing film stocks, cameras, methods, tips, tricks with a sprinkling of digital as well.

  36. Fine Film Days — A young woman writes about her passion for film photography and how it enriches her travel experiences. She posts her photos and stories from different places and cultures, as well as her thoughts and feelings along the way.

  37. Fogdog Blog — John, an amateur photographer who loves old film cameras and black and white photography, shares his experiences, reviews, and photos of various cameras and films, as well as his stories of living in the foggy northern California coast.

  38. Journeys in Film — Matt posts about his experiences and images taken with various cameras and lenses. His blog is a place to showcase the beauty and challenges of shooting film in different settings and locations.

  39. Camera Go Camera — Peggy writes on her experiences and opinions on various cameras, lenses, and films. A hobby project that started as a way of coping with grief, the blog turned into a passion for exploring and repairing second-hand cameras.

  40. reCap — Reinhold lets us in on his love of photography, both analog and digital, and his exploration of various cameras, lenses, and films. He posts his images and thoughts on different aspects of photography, such as landscape, nature, architecture, and art.


That's the rundown for this year! I hope you find some interesting reading among the above like I have and have plenty of new material to inspire and inform you in the New Year and all through 2024!

Take it easy, folks.


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