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Kiev 60

Michael Elliott uses the Kiev 60 medium format film camera system to capture his fine art still lives. With the range of lenses available from the 50mm f/4 Zeiss Flektogon through to the legendary Sonnar 180mm f/2.8 behemoth, paired with macro tubes, Michael gets right into the details and draws out the uniqueness of each object he photographs.

Kiev 60

The Kiev 60 camera system is a notable medium format film camera celebrated for its ergonomic design and the extensive range of Carl Zeiss Jena lenses it supports. Produced in Ukraine, the Kiev 60 system has garnered recognition among photographers for its ergonomic excellence and the exceptional quality and value offered by its Carl Zeiss Jena lenses.

The Kiev 60 system boasts a robust yet ergonomic build, ensuring durability and comfortable handling during shooting sessions. Its intuitive layout and well-placed controls contribute to a seamless user experience, allowing photographers to focus on capturing their creative vision without unnecessary distractions.

One of the key highlights of the Kiev 60 system lies in its compatibility with a wide selection of Carl Zeiss Jena lenses. Renowned for their superior optical performance, these lenses offer exceptional image quality, sharpness, and clarity. Photographers have access to a range of focal lengths, from wide-angle to telephoto, enabling them to capture diverse subjects and scenes with precision and artistic flair.

The Carl Zeiss Jena lenses compatible with the Kiev 60 system provide excellent value, making them an attractive option for both professionals and enthusiasts. These lenses combine affordability with top-notch quality, allowing photographers to achieve stunning results without breaking the bank.

With the Kiev 60 camera system, photographers can explore the creative possibilities offered by medium format photography while benefiting from the outstanding ergonomics and the superior quality and value of the Carl Zeiss Jena lenses. Whether capturing landscapes, portraits, or still life, this system empowers photographers to unleash their artistic potential and produce images of remarkable clarity and expression.

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