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Industrial Greenwich and Charlton

Presenting a series highlighting the industrial past and present, as well as redevelopment future, of the Greenwich Peninsula, extending from Deptford in the west to Charlton in the east.

This is a survey of the (mostly complete) extant remains of what was once a thoroughly industrial riverfront. The past echoes here, but softly. Gone are the heavy industrial scenes, cranes lining the riverfront, narrow paths along the riverside, and no complete public route around the peninsula. But preservation and conservation have kept some remains visible, in the case of jetties and piers that still stand, poking out into the river like forgotten limbs, left dangling forever without their original raison d'être, yet repurposed for wildlife and plantlife habitats.

Sensitive redevelopment around the Morden Wharf site will see the last remnant of the Glucose Works (later Tunnel Refineries) sit at the centre of a wide, combined residential and office development. The once-mooted Cruise Terminal has been cancelled, but the land that adjoined the site is still ripe for redevelopment, and it is a matter of time before a continuous residential area stretches from the centre of Greenwich all the way to Hanson Aggregate Works.

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