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About Me

I'm a thirty-something, passionate photographer. I've always had a love of capturing images, and recently I have gone back to film photography. I started this site to share a selection of the best work that I have made so that it doesn't just languish on my hard drive, in prints in albums in dark cupboards or as negatives in sleeves in folders somewhere!

It all began - like I suspect many people's new-found hobbies - as Coronavirus hit in 2020. Having just come back from Japan and straight into lockdown, I started digging through my wife's old film cameras and dug out a Lomo LC-A, a Smena 8-M, a Kiev 4, a Fed 4 and a Lubitel medium format TLR. Needless to say, after running a few test rolls through I found some were more reliable than others, and then the medium format photography bug got me. Take a look at the My Cameras page for the evolution of my G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome).

Once I got started, I developed a number of subjects that I found I regularly loved to make images from - from street scenes on one of the 35mm cameras, macro work down on the riverside in Greenwich with the Kiev 60 and some macro tubes, and architectural and landscape shots with the Fuji, to portraits of my little one with the Rolleiflex or the Olympus. I've gathered them together under the Portfolio pages.

I also started finding new and weird films to make images with - starting off with the discovery of colour reversal film to make slides and transparencies, as well as motion picture stock that has been hand cut and spooled onto 35mm canisters and medium format spools. See the What Films I Use page for more info.

Finally, it would be odd not to give you an idea of why precisely, in this day and age, I choose to shoot film, rather than digitally. And I don't completely eschew digital photography, but I feel like the photos I take digitally can be taken with ample quality by the cameras in the phones we keep in our pockets these days - especially given that most will never be printed and will only exist on small screens.

I'd like to thank you for visiting my website and taking a trundle through my portfolio. It's a labour of love and a passion of mine and I hope that I can inspire a little bit of love for film photography in you. I'll be writing various articles on a semi-regular basis on my blog, and it would be lovely to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, suggestions of feedback!

A professional headshot
Me and my OM-1, looking all photographer-like
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